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Karta Singh, enseignant de Kundalini Yoga mondialement connu, a eu le Covid. Il a failli en mourir et a trouvé le chemin de la résilience, mais pas seulement sur le plan biologique. Il avait été initié récemment dans la voie bouddhique du Bodhisattva mais ne savait qu'en faire. Maintenant, il sait ! A travers mon aventure, je me sens tellement en homonymie fraternelle avec lui que je ne résiste pas à l'envie de relayer ici son expérience.

Journey into the Beyond and Back

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me through this test and amazing initiation through your love, prayer and practice. There was so much solidarity in the Spirit that it was obvious that all together we inspire each other so much when we start collective practice and dedication. I was somehow feeling invincible in the physical body. And I was very reactive to the news that never mentioned boosting our immune system to defend ourselves in a natural way instead of running into fears that suppress our defense system.

So, when I got caught with the virus, first I thought: "I will go through it using natural healing ways like I usually do". And after 10 days the community, the close people, the teachers who work with me and really care for me came to me and said: 'Karta, it's time to go to hospital". I heard this message as a Divine voice. I listened to it. I called an ambulance and ended up in a hospital which was very unusual for me. After two days they decided to put me into a deep sleep, a coma. I was sleeping for 5 full days plus 3 days half-half in between. And it was an absolute disruption. I have to confess myself: I saw all these years that I needed to stop but I couldn't stop myself. If I have not gotten that, I would never stop. This experience made me totally deeply reflect on what is the new orientation, how we can really BE instead of DOING.

Through the collapse of all my physical systems, my Spirit was relaxed, and I could contemplate the situation I was in. I faced the moment of making a choice whether to escape into death because my job was partly done. I dedicated these 40-45 years of life to serving as many people as I could to cross the time we are in now. Then, when I turned my back to the death, I saw all the possibilities that are opening now because of all this work I have been doing for so many years. Now the tree is ready, and fruits are ripe and it's time to see what can happen for us. I definitely didn't want to miss this one.
I was in a very expanded space of unconditional love. I was really in bliss. I saw all my duties being relieved and dissolved. And then I could come back just to share all the bliss, the love, the understanding and be part of this amazing and tremendous transformation that is happening now. For some reason I came back, I awakened again, and I was in that state of a very-very expanded love and understanding of where I want to go now.

Here we are today, 20 days after. It's just a miracle. I was touched so deep that it started my DNA recalibration. I don't see the coronavirus as an enemy I should avoid or run away from, or fight. For me it was a radical tool for my own transformation and validation in the new human. For us, who have been born in the 50s, to be updated to 2021 - is a total shift. Many of my friends went through the same test and decided to go because they accepted that they have completed their journey.

The KARTA is dead, because the mission I have been performing until now is exhausted. It's finished.

Satyavrati is not something I imagined or got from the sky. When the Master had left this planet, I thought I needed another teacher to supervise me, so I travelled to Dharamsala and met the masters from the Tibetan lineage to be supervised. The answer I got was – "You are now in the position of leadership. You have to accept that role". I got access to bodhisattva initiation. And my name as a bodhisattva is Satyavrati.

Now, more than 17 years later, I realize that it was the anticipation of the transformation I would be going through. Finally, today I landed in this new spiritual mission and spiritual soul that raised beyond action and moved into being authentic and sharing the truth of love. I am in that space, and that's what I want to dedicate my life to.

I feel available. I feel extremely motivated. I feel very clear in my heart. I'm almost intoxicated with love, and I just can't go back to anything limited.
Call for the Radical Transformation
My message to you is – crack down! Crack down. Crack down and open your heart! We are entering a time when there is not one square millimeter on this planet where you can feel safe. And that's the beauty of this time – it's a collective initiation. We all have to go through this disruption. You will find it in your life as something breaking down to the last stone. All your dreams, all you've built and you hang on, will fall apart. The more you resist it, the more you will be broken. If you totally resist to save yourself, you will die. But if you decide to follow the process of being broken, then you will allow it to take you into another space. That's what happened to me.

We will not move and mutate until we have totally dissolved this attachment to past conditioning. We need to be broken. And it will come, if not from the virus, then from other places. The virus is an expression of our collective subconscious, and it operates to help people to move. It's not an enemy. We just need to approach it from the angle of: "Are you ready to mutate, to totally transform? Or do you want to hold on to the past?"

I think, to be broken is not a bad thing. Traditionally it was the job of a master to break you in pieces so that you could rebuild yourself and become whole in a new form. It will break seven layers of our consciousness from the vision we had, the belief system we had. All that was our ground and branches we hold on – will be broken. If you allow yourself to be broken, then there will be a way to sew the pieces that will be indicated. The question you can ask yourself: "How can the formless take a form?"

What is the process for a formless to take a form? It's a process of manifestation. And this manifestation is happening from the Galactic plan, not just from the planet. It's in our highest interest to welcome what the Universe is bringing on this planet. It is not the reason to be so stressed and afraid that we need to create a new sputnik that we embark on and go to Mars or another planet looking for another Earth. Realize that this planet is not lost. This planet is not going to collapse. It's not the end of this world. This planet is recalibrating itself to bring back the harmony of the 5 realms. And we are called to contribute to that recalibration.
Be Crazy to Believe in Love
We are in a phase before chaos, and we need to prepare from a place of love. It won't be dogma, neither theory about yoga, nor postures. It's our attitude to face what is coming. And it is not to be avoided. Be vulnerable. Accept that the Cosmos is bringing this new liquid light, this new information to heal the planet at the point where we brought it to the extreme. The Universe is all in balance. Universe is yoga. All is one. There is no "plus-minus". When we push things in one sense, the Universe is bringing them back into balance.

If you accept the balance, that means you accept to be broken, you accept that your life may be disrupted, that you may lose your assets, your money, your building, your companies, your location, the friends you had, the family you had, your religion and the attachment to your beliefs.

When you accept to be broken, to be cut from the faith that was totally shaken, when you're full of doubt about yesterday, about today and about tomorrow – this is great! Because you've lost the faith in objects. We need to raise the faith in our hearts. The faith is a frequency of prayer that you are the light of God, you are the Divine, and you recognize the Divine in everyone. Remember that. The other one is you.

Practice this as a meditation when you meet people you can't stand, just remember – they are you. This practice will increase the level of love and peace for you. That's where it starts. If you are in love and peace, then when other people become insane, get in panic, in self-denial, or leave you – it doesn't matter. Continue to vibrate the love. Continue to vibrate the trust in human beings because they are from the Divine essence. They are Divine beings that have difficulty adjusting with the time. Now is the time to put love in action and to realize the miracle of life.

Whenever we go into total chaos, the miracle will bring absolute harmony. I'm not selling any hope here because the time we go through chaos may be longer than we think. What you need to do is to build your own structure, your own frequency to adapt yourself to the transition period which will be a time of darkness and chaos.

When you come from the heart, there is not even a little space of judgement on anyone. Anyone is formatted to go through this time the best they can for their soul. Some will die because this is the end of their time, and they can't go on. And those who are born today – they are made for this time, and we need to create an environment so that they can grow in a safety net. That's where community comes. Our children need a space where the collective of parents is sane and in peace, and in love.

So, it's an amazing time that I didn't want to miss, and I wanted to share with you.

Elevate your spirit into the craziness of believing in love. What is the purpose of life today, through this terrible crisis and chaos? It is love, celebration and light. This can happen when you connect to each other beyond your differences and welcome each other in the space of your heart.

All that happened to us is a gift to awaken the awareness of the Time. That's why Karta Time became Time is Now. Karta is gone, and Satyavrati is sharing his love in the Time NOW. Every time it will be a new Time NOW. Because now is the time and love is now. It's not "I'll love you tomorrow, I'll love you forever". Love is infinite now! Right now! We are entering the tantric field. There is no span of time between who we are now and what will be tomorrow. We've got to be this NOW. The New Human is NOW.

Sadhana is not about being devotional to anything from outside. It's not to think that God will save your skin. It is to open your channel, connect to the heart of the Universe, of this Gaia – the spirit of the Earth, connect to your heart and make this line a complete alignment. This is a Divine alignment. When you reassess that alignment, it will guide your day. So, that's the practice in the morning. Find your solution within yourself, in the BE.

Satyavrati Yogi

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